Money Management in Poker

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different poker strategy books, DVDs and Internet sites devoted to teaching new poker players all about the game and what they need to try to do to become a winner in real money poker.

Common Poker Terms Explained – Learning the Language of the Game

There are a lot of things to learn if you really want to learn, and master, the game of poker.

How to Play Poker Cash Games Online and Make Real Money

A great many people play poker online just for fun, and if they do get brave and decide to try their hand at a real money table they keep their stake nice and low. There are those though who take real money poker far more seriously and actually make a rather nice living playing poker online (some of them never even set foot in a “real casino”) But just what does it take to make real money – not pocket money – from online poker?

Poker Downswing. Dealing with a Downswing in Real Money Poker

Downswings are an inevitable part of poker for all players; however understanding and dealing with them can be make or break when it comes to becoming a profitable player. Throughout this article we will be looking at; what is a downswing, why do they happen, how to deal with them, how to get out of them, before looking at some key points.

Poker as Job. Treating Real Money Poker as Your Job

Some people get lucky enough to play poker as their main source of income. However it’s important to remember that whilst you are doing so, you need to treat poker as job and set about doing so accordingly. Throughout this article we will be looking at aspects that will aid in keeping you on track with your profession.

Improve Poker Skills for Real Money Game

To become a successful poker player, like anything, you need to work hard at your game and be looking to improve at any given opportunity. Throughout this article we will be looking at different ways in which you can hone in on your skills and as a result make money from the virtual (or live) felt.

Getting Most of a Poker Training Site

Training sites frequently provide some of the best tools to improve as a poker player. However often people don’t get the maximum value out of them. Throughout this article we will be looking at using videos, player blogs, forums, hand history tools and interacting with top professionals all in an attempt to maximise a training sites value.

Poker Bets. Reason for Betting in Real Money Poker

Whenever we take a certain action in poker, it’s important to recognize why we’ve chosen that action over the others we might also have taken in that situation. This seems like a really simple concept; but like almost all other simple concepts in poker, most players forget it religiously.

Common Poker Mistakes. Mistakes To Be Avoided In Real Money Game

Novice online poker players tend to make the same few mistakes at the tables over and over again. Each poker mistake in itself is not a huge problem — but repeated enough times, and combined with all the others, these errors will cause a significant decrease in profit.

Poker Player Types. Profiling and Exploiting Types of Poker Players

Reading and profiling your opponents will be a key source of profit for you, if you do it well. So you’ll want to learn the different techniques we use to put players into broad categories based on their playing tendencies. is a free online poker guide offering articles and tips for real money poker players.
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