Getting Most of a Poker Training Site

Training sites frequently provide some of the best tools to improve as a poker player. However often people don’t get the maximum value out of them. Throughout this article we will be looking at using videos, player blogs, forums, hand history tools and interacting with top professionals all in an attempt to maximise a training sites value.


Watching videos is probably the most common way in which many players look to improve their game or adapt different styles and become more comfortable with taking the next step.

It’s important whilst watching a video to be fully immersed in what the player is trying to teach you. This means that if you have things distracting you or something going on that means you’re not fully paying 100% attention to a video, then it’s likely that you will miss some key points that the tutor is trying to convey.

A great tip is to take notes throughout the video of either concepts they have mentioned or points that you maybe disagree with or struggle with. Most sites will provide a comments section after every video which will allow you to bring up these points with either the tutor themselves or with the community to aid with your learning.

Taking full advantage of these fantastic learning tools can be one of the best ways to improve your game. Even if you decide that the content of the video is not up to scratch, at least it will have been thought provoking which means you have fully engaged your poker brain and thus, actively looked to improve your game.

Player Blogs

Most training sites will have some sort of blog roll where either their members or tutors will blog their poker progression.

Blogs will often require a little more thought process than watching a video but can also lead to some gems of advice. Many of the top poker theorems on the internet have come from player’s blogs which are now set in stone theories and are used throughout the poker world.

Even if a blog is not based towards theoretical advice, they can at least be an entertaining read and a fantastic insight in to how successful players either go about their day to day life or give you inspiration as to how some of the top players live and how they have integrated poker into their life.

Poker Forums

Similarly to blog rolls, most training sites will have an integrated forum that you can freely use.

A forum can be a fantastic way to post and discuss hands that are specific to you in an attempt to get a personalised opinion on how you could have either played a hand or gone about the hand in a different manner.

The personal touch of a forum will allow you to gain an insight in to problems specific to you including both poker and lifestyle choices to aid you in becoming a better player.

Poker Tools

A tools section on a training site can offer an incredible and cost efficient way to use programs or scripts that some of the top players use.

Things such as tracking software deals and hand history tools are often offered up at a discounted rate for members of a trainings site. You can use these discounts to get some extremely important software that you will need in your improvement as a poker player.

Player Interaction

One of the most priceless advantages of being part of a training site is the interaction and availability of some of the best poker players in the world.

Having the ability to talk one on one with someone who is already out there and earning a good living can be a massive advantage when either starting up as a poker player or looking to take your game to the next level.

Often they will be active on the attached poker forums and via private messaging meaning you can pick the brains of players who would otherwise be out of reach.

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