How to Play Poker Cash Games Online and Make Real Money

A great many people play poker online just for fun, and if they do get brave and decide to try their hand at a real money table they keep their stake nice and low. There are those though who take real money poker far more seriously and actually make a rather nice living playing poker online (some of them never even set foot in a “real casino”) But just what does it take to make real money – not pocket money – from online poker?

Do You Really Know the Game?

The most obvious thing you need to make money playing poker in general is a good strong knowledge of the game. You do not need to be a Harvard math genius. The man who is considered possibly the best poker player on the pro circuit today – Phil Ivey – learned his skills playing poker against his work friends at a telemarketing center in New Jersey and as of 2011 he had won over $13 million playing professional poker! Practice makes perfect (or pretty good anyway)

The Online Game is Different

The basic rules of gameplay may be the same at a real casino as they are online but playing online poker for real money is significantly different. Bluffing takes on a new tone because you cannot see the other players, chances are you are playing a table full of cartoon avatars. But even before you sit down at a virtual poker table you have a lot of work to do because one of the biggest keys to success is finding the right online site – and then the right tables – to play to maximize your chances of winning big.

Finding the Right Online Poker Room

The first thing you need to be sure of is that the online poker site you choose actually offers the game variant you are looking for. This sounds a little silly but it is actually not unusual for players to go through the hassle of signing up fore a certain site and downloading the software only to find that the site only offers the basic Texas Hold Em and not, for example the Omaha 8 or HiLo game they are most proficient at.

Best poker sites for those looking to make real money playing online poker would have a strong reputation, a large and diverse player base, great loyalty bonuses, lots of tournament action and easy deposit and cash out options. Finding all of those things in a single site is hard but there are some online poker sites that come closer to this perfect ideal than others. Here, to help you find the right online poker site, is a little information about some of those sites:

William Hill Poker

There is, if you ask a serious money player who regularly plays there, one big advantage to playing at William Hill Poker and that is that it has some of the “softest” poker games you will find anywhere online. The reason for this is a lot of players come to the poker side of the site straight from the sports betting side. This often means that they like to gamble but may not quite have the skills they realty need to win. If this sounds a bit sneaky maybe it is but it is also great for a skilled poker player’s chances of making a lot more money.

There are other reasons why William Hill Poker is a good choice for real money games though. they offer large and frequent promotions, have an excellent VIP Loyalty program and offer all the poker variants most people are looking for.

888 Poker

The poker rooms at 888 Poker are great for serious money players as well and for many of the same reasons as William Hill. 888 Poker do a great deal of TV advertising as well as cross promotions with their very popular bingo site so the influx of inexperienced players is almost as high as it is over at William Hill, making the play at many of their poker tables rather soft as well.

When it comes to bonuses 888 Poker offers new players a nice, fast clearing bonus of $400, which means you already very quickly have more money to play with without having to break into your own stake right away. Once you are a regular their VIP program offers regular valuable rewards and matching bonuses.

888 Poker is also one of the oldest and most respected online poker sites and they have a reputation for great security and exceptional customer service.


The actual poker action at Betfair is not so soft, so these tables are likely to provide you with a bit more of a challenge. The real draw of Betfair is their traffic – the second highest for any poker site online and still growing. This does bring a diverse and constant set of challengers for the real money poker player to face and Betfair’s unique Essense algorithm – a way of ranking players according to their “value” to the poker “ecosystem” still lets players find the softer tables that are out there if they are willing to put in a few minutes research before they start to play.

First time real money players at Betfair are offered $600 new player bonus and a deposit matching bonus of up to $2,500, which is one of the most generous opening offers available. Their VIP program is very good and they have an excellent customer service team who are very readily available

These are just a few of the online poker sites that are good for those poker players who want to bet (and make) more significant amounts of money, there are a number of others. In order to make the most money once you have found a site that suits you you need to stick with it. Taking advantage of all the perks being a loyal player can earn you is one great way to increase the money you have to play with, which will increase your chances of course of really “raking it in”.

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