Full Flush Poker Launched on Equity Poker Network

The first online poker room on the Equity Poker Network (EPN), called Full Flush Poker, has been launched. EPN, “the world’s only cooperative poker network,” is a non-profit online poker network, which was launched a few days back with Full Flush Poker as its first skin. Although the network currently offers only play money games, it claims that it will start offering real money poker games soon.

Senator McCain Not a Good Poker Player

George Epstein, a noted Los Angeles teacher and author who has been inducted into the Seniors Poker Hall of Fame, has voiced his opinion about Senator McCain playing poker on his smartphone during an important congressional hearing in an article published in Gaming Today.

Game Coach Jared Tendler Talks of Poker as a Mental Game

Modern poker players are trying not only to master various poker strategies, but also to sharpen the mental abilities required to play poker. One of the best mental game coaches in the poker world is Jared Tendler who has authored a book called “The Mental Game of Poker” in two parts.

Andrew Seidman Planning to Leave Poker for Business

Andrew Seidman was a freshman at Dartmouth College in 2006 when he realized that he had a talent for poker. Recalling the past, he said: “I applied for a summer job at a pizza parlor in my home town. In the week while I waited to hear a response, I made $7,000 playing online poker. So I pretty much gave up the idea of normal employment at that time.”

English Poker Player Alner Wins Macau Poker Cup 2013 Red Dragon Trophy

Tom Alner, a professional poker player from England, has had remarkable poker success in the Asia Pacific, especially in Macau. The pro won the third edition of the Macau Poker Cup 2013 Red Dragon and collected a large pot of HK$823k or $106k for his achievement.

David Woods of PokerPlayer Criticizes Wheeler’s Latest Remarks

Responding to UKIP Treasurer Stuart Wheeler’s recent remark that women’s failure to beat men at games such as poker, bridge, and chess is because of their lack of competitiveness, David Woods of PokerPlayer magazine says that it is “nonsense.”

Brad Furman to Direct New Online Poker Movie Runner Runner

Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, two of the most acclaimed Hollywood personalities, have teamed up to make a brand new online poker movie called Runner Runner. Brad Furman is going to direct this movie, which will depict “an increasingly tense relationship between a business founder and his protégé.”

Adam Foster Wins $154,958 in Empire State Main Event

Professional poker player Adam Foster ended up as the last man standing of the Empire State Championships 2013 after defeating a huge field of 426 poker players. Besides grabbing the championship title, he also collected a huge first-place prize of $154,958.

Poker Player Ryan Riess Close to Becoming Poker Millionaire

Ryan Riess, a former resident of East Lansing, beat an impressive field of over 6,300 players to become the finalist of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

Michigan Cracks Down on Charity Poker Rooms

Michigan is now enforcing its charity poker laws in the wake of complaints regarding illegal gambling, gambling-related crimes, and violations of liquor laws.

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