Bluff in Poker. Evaluating a Bluff in Real Money Poker Game

There’s lots of strategy writing online that lauds bluffing; some writers hold it up on a pedestal, as though it were the be-all and end-all tactic of poker. I’m not going to write a bunch of crap about soul-reading, being a hero, or keeping opponents honest in this article. I’m going to tell you how it is.

Real Money Poker: Tournaments vs. Cash Games

Playing online poker for real money presents two major opportunities for poker fans – the chance to play poker tournaments, and the option to play cash games. While the majority of online poker players will revert from tournament to cash game play, it is important to know which is better suited to your style of online poker play.

Omaha Poker – Tips for Real Money Players

Omaha Poker is a direct descendent of Texas Holdem Poker, played in the exact same manner with only two distinct adaptations to the rules, involving the number of cards a player has to work with, and the precise manner in which a hand must be developed. We’ll get to those in a moment; first let’s go over the basic rules of Omaha Poker.

Multitabling – Playing Multiple Tables to Make Extra Money

Most serious online poker players play multiple tables at a time.  Some players play 2 tables at a time, some 4, some up to 10 or 12.  There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to playing multiple tables at a time.

Tournament Strategy for Real Money Poker Players

Real money poker tournaments offer players the chance to win big prizes with a small initial investment. In the biggest real money tournaments, like the World Series of Poker, the first prize winners can take home millions of dollars!

Real Money No Limit Hold’em Strategy

The most popular form of real money poker in the world today is no limit hold’em. With the potential for your entire stack to end up in the pot on any hand, no limit hold’em is exhilarating and tension-filled.

Real Money Limit Hold’em Strategy

Limit hold’em may sometimes be overshadowed by no limit poker, but many real money players start their careers by playing limit games – and some players never stop! is a free online poker guide offering articles and tips for real money poker players.
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