Titan Poker Launches Speed Poker

Titan Poker has launched its own version of high-speed poker called Speed Poker, thereby joining the small group of online poker sites that have launched high-speed poker variants.

The credit for launching the first variant of high speed poker goes to Full Tilt Poker, which took the online poker gaming world by storm with its Rush Poker. Poker players badly missed Rush Poker after the federal government crackdown, and it was PokerStars, which launched Zoom Poker to fill the void that Rush Poker had left behind. Later, Microgaming released its own high-speed poker variant for its online poker skins, and recently Party Poker launched FastForward Poker. Now, it is Titan Poker’s turn to launch Speed Poker to give non stop online poker excitement to its players.

Titan Poker has launched Speed Poker for Omaha and Texas Hold’em cash games, enabling players to play many more hands than a standard ring game would permit them. Whenever players enter a Speed Poker game, they will be placed in a huge pool of players and will be immediately given a table. Players are free to fold whenever they wish, after which they will immediately be moved to a new table with a new hand and a new set of opponents.

The most wonderful thing about Speed Poker is that it eliminates the need for players to wait for their chance to fold. If they have got a hand they wish to fold, they only have to hit the Speed Fold button and they will be immediately taken to another table. Speed Poker also eliminates the need for players to wait for tables. All players need to do is get their cards, fold if they wish, use the Speed Fold option to fold out of turn, and get a new table. The game moves forward at top speed, greatly increasing the gaming excitement and allowing players to play hundreds of hands in the shortest possible time, something that is not possible in the usual ring games.

Since Speed Poker games move so far, players can earn many more loyalty points and many more prizes. Whenever players contribute rake of $1, they will receive 15 Titan Points, and this holds true even for Speed Poker tables. If players’ sign up for real money poker play through the PokerNews link, they will get a large first depositor’s cash match bonus of 200% up to $2000, absolutely free.

Another special feature of Speed Poker is that it allows players to play a maximum of four tables at once. However, experts advise beginners to avoid multi-tabling when they are playing Speed Poker for the first time because the game moves at breakneck speed. Beginners are advised to get used to the speed of the game first before attempting to multi-table.

Titan Poker, a popular European online poker room, has fabulous features such as Titan Guru, which teaches and trains poker beginners, and a Titan Poker Mentor Calculator, which teaches everything about poker hands. Besides, there are plenty of lucrative promotions at Titan Poker.

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