NJ Poker Players Prefer Licensed Poker Sites, Shows Survey

Commercial Intelligence (CI), a research company, has conducted a survey of 505 online poker players, which has revealed that New Jersey players prefer playing at licensed online poker rooms. CI presented its findings at the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition, which was recently held in London.

According to the research, 35 percent of online poker players in New Jersey began playing online poker only after their state legalized the game. Thirty-five percent of the 65 percent players who were playing at unlicensed online poker rooms before the launch of licensed online poker sites in NJ moved to licensed online gambling sites.

Supporters of online gambling will be delighted with this data as it helps strengthen their case for online gaming legalization in the US. Furthermore, it indicates the following two points; first, a large number of New Jersey’s potential online gamblers do not want to play at unlicensed online gaming sites and, second, a large number of online gamblers who previously had accounts at unlicensed online poker rooms have moved to licensed online poker sites, showing that they prefer playing in a licensed and well-regulated online gambling environment although they are willing to play at any available online gambling site.

After checking out these numbers, one can safely conclude that a majority of online gamblers in New Jersey prefer playing at legal sites than at illegal facilities.

The CI data also weakens the case for opponents of online gambling legalization as only 65 percent of New Jersey’s existing online gambler base was playing at unregulated online gambling sites before the state legalized online gambling. The notion that players can be prevented from playing at unregulated gambling sites if online gambling is banned now becomes baseless.

Basic common sense, along with existing data and stats, clearly informs that illegal operators will always find customers irrespective of whether the US government bans online poker. If the feds ban online poker, the number of people playing poker in the US will reduce, but access to unregulated online gambling sites cannot be eliminated.

On the other hand, legalizing online poker will increase the player base as licensed online poker rooms will do everything in their power to attract new players. This, in turn, will lead to more players abandoning unregulated online poker rooms in favor of licensed ones.

Clearly, people want to gamble and it is the duty of regulators and lawmakers to provide a safe and regulated online gambling environment for them. CI’s survey shows that the only way to put unregulated gambling sites out of business is to legalize online gambling. It is worth noting that certain skins on the Merge Gaming Network decided to stop accepting players from Delaware and New Jersey.

Some players might still prefer playing at unlicensed poker rooms because of their larger player pools. But it must be noted that licensed NJ poker rooms have already drawn 35 percent of the traffic away from them and these numbers might increase in future.

Licensed poker sites are definitely preferable as they pay taxes and generate jobs.

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