Female Poker Pro Liv Boeree Wants to Emulate Brian Cox

Liv Boeree, a female professional poker player, wants to become a female version of Brian Cox.

Boeree, who has a degree in astrophysics, won a large prize of £1.1 million in the European Poker Tour (EPT) of 2010. This high-stakes professional poker player now aims to use her beauty and brains to compete with 45-year-old Brian Cox.

Recently, 29-year-old Boeree told Daily Star Sunday that she loves poker “because it’s a great lifestyle and gives me a lot of freedom to do other things.” Confessing to being a great lover of nature, Boeree stated that poker gives her the “time to go out into the wilderness and go rock climbing all around the world.”

Simultaneously, she expressed a desire to do “much more than just play poker.” Stating that she loves presenting television shows, she said that she would love to combine TV shows with her love for nature and science.

Expressing her admiration for Brian Cox, she said: “Brian Cox is brilliant and is really making science programs cool. It would be great to be a female Brian Cox and make interesting shows to teach people about science and the wonderful world we live in.”

There appears to be no doubts that Boeree will make her dreams of presenting television shows a reality. Nicknamed “Iron Maiden” as she has a passion for rock music, Boeree’s poker career began in 2005 when she signed up for the Channel 5 television show titled “Ultimate Poker Showdown,” in which she learned the game from the world’s best poker players. After learning the game thoroughly, she defeated as many as 1,240 poker players to win the seven-figure pot in the main event of the EPT, which was held at San Remo in Italy five years after she gave the television show.

Although she has earned over  £2 million playing poker, Boeree says that winning all that money hasn’t made her proud and that she has retained her humility. A member of Team PokerStars, Boeree said: “I’ve never really splurged on anything. I’m not into flash things or brands. I still shop at H&M and still drive my crappy old car. The only things I’ve really bought are some nice boots—I love boots—I bought a lovely apartment in London.”

Boeree had earned money through television game shows before becoming a successful professional poker player. She had featured on numerous quizzes, one of which was ITV’s  Goldenballs where she won or rather stole a prize of £6,500 from an opponent. She had convinced the opponent that she would share the winnings with him before grabbing the entire prize on a 2007 episode hosted by 68-year-old Jasper Carrott, the noted comedian. She also admitted that she had become infamous for it.

She said: “People booed in the crowd and hundreds of thousands of people have since watched it on YouTube. But stealing the money was part of the game. Maybe that showed why I’m a good poker player too.” Boeree was speaking at the London leg of the EPT.

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