Online Poker Rooms for US Players

The events of April 15, 2011 turned the lives of innumerable recreational online poker players as well as professional poker players in the US upside down. Termed as “Black Friday,” this was the day on which the US federal government cracked down on three major online poker giants—Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars — confiscated their domain names and arrested their executive officers.

Hundreds and thousands of online poker players in the US could no longer access their accounts and innumerable professional poker players lost their means of livelihood. As an immediate effect of Black Friday, a number of professional poker players moved out of the US and have relocated to countries that have friendlier online poker laws. Meanwhile, recreational players have signed up at US friendly poker rooms in a bid to regain the cozy poker cyberspace they lost on Black Friday.

The good news is that, despite the federal crackdown, online poker is not dead in the US. A number of online poker sites still offer real money poker services to US players; however, the online poker scenario is far from secure. While professional poker players feel that relocating to countries with favorable online poker laws is the best way to deal with the problem, recreational poker players can always find online poker sites where they can have a good time.

According to, the top poker guide online, the top online poker sites for US players are Cake Poker, Juicy Stakes Poker, Fugu Poker, HiLife Poker, and Colt Poker.

Besides, Carbon Poker, which forms part of Merge Gaming Network, is still a good site for US poker players. Immediately after Black Friday, a large numbers of US poker players signed up at Carbon Poker, which remained open to US players. Two months back, the online poker rooms closed its doors to new US players because it could not deal with the large number of new players signing up. However, the poker room has sorted out its problems and is now welcoming new US players again, which makes Carbon Poker a good online poker site for US players.

US players can also register at ROXpoker, which is a paradise of exciting freerolls, guaranteed tournaments, bounty tournaments, turbo tournaments, and other poker activities. Besides, players can grab some great exclusive promotions, offers, and bonuses if they sign up at ROXpoker through approved affiliate sites.

Lock Poker, which is also on the Merge Network, is another great online poker room that has continued to accept US players at the shutdown of April 15. Now that Leo Margets, the Spanish poker player, is part of the LockPro Elite Team, this online poker room is well on its way to becoming an immensely popular place for US players to play online poker.

US poker players must understand that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 does not make playing online poker illegal; it only makes it illegal for banks and financial institutions to process funds related to online gambling.

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