Best Poker Rooms for US players

The difference between playing poker online at an okay room and at a great room is huge, especially for US players.  Which room you play at online makes all of the difference.  You want to play at a room that is respected and has a proven track record.  You want to play at a room that makes deposits and payments easy and painless.  You want to play at a room that offers deposit bonuses and possibly rakeback.  You want to play at a room that has a nice interface.  Most importantly you want to play at a room that makes you comfortable and lets you play your game.

Because of the UIGEA, many poker rooms do not accept US players, however there are still plenty of quality online poker rooms available for players living in the United States:

Sportsbook poker:  Sportsbook poker is a great option for US players.  They offer huge deposit bonuses ranging between 100-125%, which can be worth up to 1000 dollars, that is tough to beat.  You can deposit money using a credit card, debit card, Neteller, or Moneybookers and you can withdraw with a wire transfer directly to your bank account, Neteller or Moneybookers.  Sportsbook offers tons of bonuses and freerolls, so you can do well even if you are not a great player.  The level of competition at the low to mid stakes tables is very low, so it will be tough to do poorly.  Sportsbook software is state of the art and their support team is great.  What really separates Sportsbook from everyone else in the field is their versatility.  Not only can you play poker online, you can also bet on sports.  There is not much bad to say about Sportsbook, it is a great option for everyone living in the US or Canada.

Bodog poker: Bodog is the leader in the online gambling field, bar none.  Bodog has excellent poker, casino, and sports betting platforms.  They are famous for their excellent blackjack software, but their poker rooms are state of the art as well.  Bodog’s software is better then any other online gambling site I have ever seen, sleek and seamless in every way.  Their support team is solid and their withdraw and deposit options are on par for the rest of the industry.  If you are just looking to play poker, Bodog is no different than any of the other rooms I am reviewing, but if you want the total package, Bodog is the best, period.  Bodog accepts US players and is a great option.  They offer a 100% deposit bonus match up until 1000 dollars, so you will definitely be starting out ahead. I cannot talk about Bodog’s casino software enough, if ou want to dabble with blackjack, slots, craps, or roulette, Bodog is the best option, it embarrasses all of its other competition.

Pokerstars: Pokerstars is the largest poker site in the world.  You will not have any problems finding tables to join online, that is safe to say.  There will be dozens of different cash games and tournaments available to you at all times, which is what makes Pokerstars the best pure online poker room.  If you are looking to strictly play poker online, nothing else, Pokerstars cannot be beat.  If you think you might want to “get your feet wet” with sports betting [the world cup is coming up!] or casino play, check out Bodog.  Since Pokerstars is so huge, you will find all different types of competition online.  The low stakes tables often feature irrational, very aggressive play, while the higher stakes tables offer very tough competition, often times people who play online for a living. Nothing will come easy, but that is the way poker goes.  Pokerstars has plenty of freerolls and bonuses available.  Pokerstars did not become the most popular online poker site on accident, they are a great choice if you are looking to play online.

Ultimate bet: Ultimate Bet is another great option for US players.  They offer the highest deposit bonuses that I have seen from a reputable online poker room, 200% up to $1,100.  This means a $550 dollar deposit will grow to $1,650 instantly, it is hard to screw that up.  Ultimate Bet does not have the same volume that Pokerstars has, but no other online poker rooms do.  There are a variety of games to play and you will be able to play casino games and bet on sports if you wish.  Ultimate Bet makes sure to reward its best, most active players, if you play enough hands you will be eligible for monthly freerolls, which is always a plus.  Ultimate Bet’s software is state of the art.  They only offer E-Mail support, but they are very responsive and helpful.  The competition at Ultimate Bet seems to be decidedly tougher than at other poker rooms, but you still have plenty of chances to do well if you play your game.  Ultimate Bet cannot compare with Pokerstars from a pure poker standpoint and it cannot compare with Bodog if you are looking at the complete package, but it is a decent option worth pursuing.

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