Poker Rakeback: Get Cash Back from Playing Poker Online

Online poker rakeback is a unique promotion provided by online poker rooms. The most unique aspect is that online poker rooms don’t actually promote poker rakeback to the players – it is promoted to third party sites, who are privileged to pass poker rakeback deals on to their players.

Poker rakeback is a way of giving cash back to players who participate in real money poker games. When you sign up for poker rakeback, every time you participate in a raked hand, a portion of the rake is paid back to you.

Poker rakeback is generally paid in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits to your poker account. A good example would be the Full Tilt Poker rakeback deal.

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback

Full Tilt Poker pays 27% rakeback to any player who signs up for the poker rakeback deal through this web site. Full Tilt Poker rakeback is paid on a weekly basis, direct to your Full Tilt Poker account.

Poker rakeback can be calculated in one of three ways – Contributed Rakeback (also known as Weighted Contributes Rakeback), Shared Rakeback (sometimes called Contributed Rakeback, so look for the “weighted” aspect) or Dealt Rakeback.

Full Tilt Poker uses the Dealt Rakeback method, which we’ll define in a moment. First, we’ll describe Contributed and Shared Rakeback methods.

Contributed rakeback is based on the player’s exact contribution to the pot. If you are responsible for 20% of the total pot, then you are responsible for 20% of the total rake. Therefore your rakeback comes from that 20% of the total rake.

Shared rakeback is an average of the total rake, divided by all players who contributed to the pot. If the rake is $2, and 4 players contributed to the pot, the average rake contribution is $0.50. whether you are responsible for 5% or 50% of the total pot size, your rakeback will still come from $0.50, the average rake.

Dealt rakeback is very similar to Shared rakeback, using an average rake. The difference is that you don’t have to contribute anything to the pot to be eligible to receive rakeback. So long as you were dealt cards in the hand, and a rake is taken, you will receive rakeback. The total rake is divided by all players dealt cards. The resulting average is what each player’s rakeback will come from. This is the method of rakeback used at Full Tilt Poker.

Let’s say you are playing at a 5-player table at Full Tilt Poker. You fold under the gun, making no contributions to the pot. The hand goes on to reach a total pot size of $60. Full Tilt Poker takes a 5% rake, so the rake would be $3 for the hand. The total rake is divided by all 5 players for an average rake contribution of $0.60 per player.

Since Full Tilt Poker pays 27% poker rakeback, you would then divide the average rake of $0.60 by 27%. The result is $0.162, rounded to $0.16 in poker rakeback for the hand.

$0.16 may not seem like much, but when you play online poker for a week, it can really add up. Just 100 hands like this one would pay $16 in poker rakeback, which is a decent enough addition to your bankroll. Playing 100 hands like these a day for an entire week would add up to $112 in poker rakeback; not a figure to scoff at!

How to Sign Up for Poker Rakeback

Because poker rakeback is only available through third-party sites, you’ll have to sign up using the links and/or referral codes provided by the site when signing up for poker rakeback at an online poker room.

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