How to Make Money at Online Poker

How are you going to make money playing poker online?  It is easy to say, win more chips then you lose!  That is obvious, but not easy to do, if you want to do well in poker in the long term, you not only have to have skill, you have to have a plan.

1. Find what stakes you are comfortable with.  Playing for 20 dollars a hand is completely different than playing for 2 dollars a hand, that is just the way it is.  You will change the way that you play when you are playing for stakes that are too high.  Most play too tight when they are betting more than they should, they fold hands they normally would not and they are not as quick to call and raise.  Also, you need to take into account that players playing at “big time” tables likely have more skill then players playing at smaller tables.  If player A is willing to gamble ten times as many chips as player B, player A is either has a lot of cash to burn, or more likely will not your chips and everyone else’s. You know yourself better then anyone.

2. Find what style you play the best.  You can play loose or tight, you can play certain hands or fold certain hands, you can go for a straight or flush draw or simply play mathematical odds poker.  I play a certain way, but that way is only best for me.  Everyone has a different personality, find what your best playing style is and perfect it.  I find that playing aggressively when I have a nice hand and being quick to fold when I have nothing works out best in my favor.  Once you find your playing style, fine tune it.  Poker is very similar to many sports, every player has strengths and weaknesses, no matter what their skill level is.  There should be no holes whatsoever in your game, leave no room for doubt, you need to dominate whatever table you play on.

3. Remember the odds are against you.  Playing casino games like blackjack, craps, and slots give the player absolutely no chance to succeed over a large enough sample size [200+ plays].  The .5%-15% house edge that players experience in casino games simply stifle any chance that a casino player would have to win consistently.  Thankfully that is not the case in poker, the house takes a 3-5% cut of whatever is bet, but it is certainly possible to consistently do well playing poker online, it is just very hard.  If 100 dollars is bet, 5 dollars will go to the house and 95 will be up for grabs among the remaining players, it all comes down to your game versus everyone else’s at your table.  Most people play casually online and most lose, however there are a select few that consistently win, many of these play online for a living, but that is a whole different story.

4. Know everything, that is right, everything.  Playing poker seems simple, being a decent poker player is pretty easy, being a great poker player is difficult.  You need to know everything about the game, no excuses.  Knowing what hand beats what is great, but you should have that down after two hours of playing. Mastering bankroll management can be tough, but if you set your mind to it you will have it down.  You also need to recognize suited connectors, you might only be dealt them 2% of the time, but that is still once every 50 hands, you will end up playing at least 50 hands in your poker career if you have gotten this far in the article.  You need to understand pot odds and expected value better than a mathematician ever could.  Mindlessly playing poker is fun, if you ever want to take your game to the next level you will absorb as much information as you possibly can.

If you remember these four key tips, you should give yourself a chance to make money playing poker online.  Even if you end up breaking even in the long run, you are getting a lot of entertainment for free.  If you play 100 hours of poker online and break even, your cost is exactly 0 dollars.  Watching 100 hours worth of movies in a theater would set you back 500 dollars or so [100 hours/ 2 hours a move= 50 X 10 dollars a ticket= 500 dollars].  Buying video games and playing golf also costs a ton of money for example.  The key is to see poker as entertainment [fun] first and an opportunity to win money second.  Only a select few players can make money playing poker online, do everything in your power to become one of these players, if it does not work out, hopefully you had a lot of fun along the way.

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