Three New Pros Join Ivey League Roster

The roster of the Ivey League now has three more professional poker players. While two of them are widely acclaimed for the mathematical strategies they teach, the other had appeared on a TV show.

The new Ivey League pros are Bill Chen, Jerrod Ankenman, and Brian Roberts. Chen is well-known for his “Chen Formula” and his book “The Mathematics of Poker,” co-authored with Ankenman.

Phil Ivey’s Ivey Poker had launched a training and coaching section just a week back “to teach the world how to play better poker.” The website offers three different types of subscription packages, and the number of professional poker players offering their valuable strategies is now 34.

When’s poker training service Ivey League was launched, it had to be shut down temporarily because of certain difficulties. Ivey Poker had posted a tweet, “You guys love the new site so much that we’ve exceeded our bandwidth. Please stay with us as we work to resolve some technical issues.”

Ever since Phil Ivey announced in Oct 2012 that he will start a poker training portal “to teach the world how to play better poker,” players have been waiting for it.

Shortly after shutting down Ivey League temporarily, Ivey Poker tweeted: “Things should be back to normal on the Ivey League site. Busted servers are no fun but we appreciate the love!”

Ivey, who has won nine World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelets, is held to be the world’s best poker player. He has earned more than $20 million playing live as well as online poker in the course of his career. Poker players attentively listen to everything Ivey has to say. Quite understandably, players were eager to know what he and his team of carefully selected pros have to say. The pros at Ivey Poker range from cash game experts to tournament pros from different parts of the world.

Ivey League offers three different subscription packages—Undergraduate, Bachelors, and Masters. The undergraduate subscription level is meant for rookies and includes free access to Ivey League forums and introductory videos. The bachelors’ subscription level is meant for intermediates eager to hone their skills. It costs $9 per month and gives players access to all the content available to undergraduates along with strategy videos that will help them maximize their profits at small stakes tables. Bachelors can also get a yearly subscription package for $70.

Players who are ready to enter into the advanced phase of their education and “receive access to content from the greatest poker coaches in the game, including Phil Ivey” can purchase the Masters’ subscription package for $75 per month or $500 per year. Masters have access to the content available to undergraduates and bachelors along with special instruction designed for high-stakes and mid-stakes poker play. They also have the benefit of a monthly question and answer session with a coach.

The coaches at Ivey Poker are Andrew Lichtenberger, Greg Merson, Patrik Antonius, Cole South, Aaron Jones, Jennifer Harman, and Dan Myers, along with the new pros Roberts, Chen, and Ankenman.

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