Player Traffic at Newly Launched Rises Steadily, the second licensed and regulated online poker room in Nevada, was launched a couple of weeks back. A brand belonging to Caesars Interactive Entertainment, the launch of was much anticipated, and the online poker community is very much interested in knowing how is doing at present.

According to statistics supplied by, the prominent source of online poker room data, the average peak player traffic at ever since it launched on September 19 at 9:19 a.m. PST was 133 real money poker players. and its customers faced a number of problems related to location verification for the first two days, but the site has successfully resolved all those problems. The average peak player traffic leaped to 144 players after the first three days of its launch.

The poker gaming community is naturally interested in knowing how effectively is competing with its only rival Ultimate Poker, which was the first licensed and regulated online poker room to be launched in the Silver State.

The average peak player traffic at the Ultimate Poker cash game tables from September 19 to the time of writing is 296 players, which is over double the traffic at But it should be remembered that Ultimate Poker had full five months more than to increase its player traffic.

According to the weekly Internet poker traffic update at, “ is apparently still in the ‘soft launch’ phase and traffic rose to the highest levels to date on Friday and Saturday.”

Seth Palansky, vice president (corporate communications) for WSOP, said: “We are in field trial state and will remain so for a while. Additionally, we believe in a slow and steady climb. We will be patient and committed to the long-term.” This leads one to understand that has long-term plans. Palanksy did not reveal any of the company’s plans for the near future, but said: “We do have a lot of things in the pipeline that we anticipate being very player-friendly. People should expect that we will only build upon our already solid platform and make it better as time goes on.” is all set to launch a publicity campaign later this week in a bid to grow its player base. Any rise in traffic has been experiencing so far is not the result of any campaigning.’s publicity campaign is therefore bound to be a huge success especially as the online poker room will launch the Online Championships on Oct 25.

Currently, the biggest games at are pot limit and no limit cash games with $2/$4 blinds and limit cash games with $5/$10 blinds. When asked about’s plans regarding bigger cash games and tournaments, Bill Rini, head of poker for, said: “We look at the numbers every day and try to determine where the demand is. There’s no set day or time for that. At the moment, we don’t feel there’s enough upward demand on limits to go above the limits we currently have.”

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