Michigan Players Still Confused about Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto, a new lottery game based on poker, was launched by the Michigan Lottery in October 19, but lottery players are still trying to gain a better understanding of it. Lottery officials have admitted that the game has created confusion among players.

Michigan Lottery’s Gretchen Villareal said: “It’s so new that we’re getting so many calls in Lansing. People are not grasping the concept of instant wins and the nightly draw.”

Playing Poker Lotto, however, is not that difficult. It is a nightly game, and each ticket can be used for two games. Players can see their cards as they are drawn in their presence at the terminal, and these cards are used in the nightly draw, where players can win more prizes. If players get a winning hand when the cards are drawn at the terminal, they will receive instant prizes. The night draw is a match game, which means that the cards drawn at the night draw cannot be used to create a winning hand. If at least two of players’ cards match the cards dealt at the draw, they will win prizes.

Each Poker Lotto ticket costs $2. Unlike other lotto games, the draw is not for numbers, but for cards. If all the five cards drawn at random during the draw match the cards players have, they will receive the top prize of $100,000. If players get a Royal Flush at the terminal, they will get an instant prize of $5,000.

Even players who feel they have understood the rules tend to get confused while playing the game. The fact that a few retailers do not have the required screens to display cards makes matters worse. Admitting that certain outlets lack terminals to show players their cards, Villareal said: “There are over 10,800 Michigan Lottery Retailers, and of that number, approximately 80 percent have the equipment to sell Poker Lotto.”

In some cases, retailers fail to display the cards to the player so that they can check if they are instant winners. Villareal said: “Retailers are required to have a Customer Point of Sale Monitor to have the Poker Lotto privileges on their Altura terminal. There are some locations that have Poker Lotto on other Lottery devices. These devices have a screen that shows the poker cards being dealt, similar to the Point of Sale Monitor.”

One of the best places to purchase lottery tickets, including Poker Lotto tickets, in Michigan is Party World, which is located at Comstock Park. The staff is friendly and courteous and takes the time to explain the entire process to players. Poker Lotto gives players two chances to win. If they are lucky enough to create a winning poker hand, they will become instant winners. If they do not win anything instantly, they have another chance of winning prizes at the night draw.

Players interested in knowing more about the Michigan Lottery can visit MLive.com, which presents the latest on Michigan lottery games. More information is available at the Michigan Lottery’s official website.

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