Darcy Dixon Wins Western Classic Poker Championship 2013

The Western Classic Poker Championship 2013, which was being held at Crown Perth Poker, has come to an end with Darcy Dixon emerging as its champion. Iori Yogo won the Western Classic Player of the Championship title.

Last year, Dale Marsland won the World Classic Poker Championship 2012. He had to defeat a field of 101 players to emerge as the last man standing and pocket the first-place prize of $61,000.

This year, the $2,200 buy-in event appears to have become more popular as 117 poker players registered for it, generating a prize pool as large as $234,000. Cash prizes were awarded to the top 11 players of the event.

As many as 57 players began playing on Day 1a, and the field boiled down to 30 after six levels of poker play. The chip leader of Day 1 turned out to be Andrew Swayer, who had a stack of 117,225 chips.

Fifty-eight players entered into the event on Day 1b, and 38 of them survived, with Liam Taylor as the chip leader.

Day 2 began with 68 players and Swayer as the chip leader. After 12 hours of hard poker play, only 11 players were left standing and an announcement was made to stop the game. The chip leader of the 11 was Yann Yin, who had 418,000 chips. The other players were Liam Taylor (413,000), Darcy Dixon (394,000), Warren Stewart (206,000), Steve Miller (183,000), Andrew Sawyer (174,000), Arthur Richards (164,000), Guy Perkins (156,000), Martyn Ward (99,000), Dale Marsland (76,000), and Gary Lightfoot (58,000).

The chip leader of the final table play was Yann Yin, with Darcy Dixon and Liam Taylor close behind. Interestingly, Dale Marsland, last year’s champion, was one of the finalists and eager to win yet another title. However, he was the first to bust, and after that, one finalist after the other was eliminated from the table until only Taylor and Dixon were left to play for the top prize of $71,000.

The final results of the Western Classic Main Event are as follows. While Dixon collected the first-place prize of $71,000, the runner-up Liam Taylor won the second-place prize of $45,000. The players who finished third and fourth were Steven Miller and Andrew Sawyer, who won $31,500 and $24,000, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Guy Perkins and Warren Stewart, who won $18,000 and $13,000, respectively. The players who finished seventh and eighth were Arthur Richards and Yann Yin Shing Yuen, who won $9,500 and $7,000, respectively. The players who finished ninth, tenth, and eleventh were Martyn Ward, Gary Lightfoot, and Dale Marsland, who won $5,000 each.

The Western Classic Poker Championship 2013 included a number of side events. The Player of the Championship title was awarded to Iori Yogo as he emerged as the finalist in three side events—the $3k NLHE event, in which he won $37,100; the Teams Event, in which he finished fourth; and the $250 II Chance, in which he finished eighth. Yogo has also bagged the ANZ 2013 Player of the Year title.

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