How to Build an Online Poker Bankroll from ZERO!

Building a good online poker bankroll from scratch can be a difficult and time consuming thing. However it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE! The forums are filled with success stories and in case you would like to test your skills and achieve this you must take into consideration certain things. The number one is to take advantage of as many freeroll tournaments and bonuses and reward systems as possible to build your initial bankroll. After that you must follow a very strict online bankroll management system created by a professional poker player.

In this article we are going to present you some tips that can help you improve your success rate of building a bankroll out of $0 along with the popular Chris Jesus Ferguson story which proves that this goal can be achieved with the right skills and training.

Top 5 ways you could build a bankroll from nothing:

–    Avoid Large Online Poker Websites – one of the first tips that we can give is to avoid those large online poker rooms, because the freerolls will have as many as 20K players registered, so your chances of winning are going to be lower. And also the competition at the tables is going to be tougher and selecting a fishy table will take a lot more time and skill. So you must select online poker rooms that are placed in the middle segment of the industry.

–    Take advantage of Freeroll tournaments – These tournaments can bring you some money with absolutely no initial investment. Winning a large freeroll tournament might be difficult but impossible. People are using different strategies for freeroll tournaments so it’s going to be up to you to do the cleaning at the tables. Freeroll tournaments do have a softer competition since many of the participants are new players. The freerolls should be used to build the initial amount of money that you will have to use to build your way up to the sum you want.

–    Take advantage of No Deposit Bonuses – There are many online poker rooms out there that do offer some no deposit bonuses, the moment you register. In case you would like to skip the freeroll tournaments part and jump straight into the cash games, you could join a poker room that offers a no deposit bonus and start building your bankroll with the initial money that will be given to you.

–    Take advantage of other bonuses – The online poker rooms are now filled with many bonuses and promotions that can be used to increase your win rate. So you could end up with a lot more money if you will sign up for a rakeback deal and receive a welcome bonus.

The Chris Ferguson Story

While this is old news to some of you, many people are not aware of what did the Chris “Jesus” Ferguson story is all about. The Chris Ferguson experiment took place on Full Tilt Poker and the challenge was to start with absolutely nothing in his account and to reach bankroll of $10k in 3 months with the help of some strict bankroll management system that he developed over the years.

One of the main reasons why he did this experiment was to show to the world of online poker that thanks to using a very precise and strict bankroll management system you can earn a lot of money out of poker. In order to do this he used his bankroll management system without ever breaking any of the rules.

The story begins with him playing at freeroll tournaments that had as many as 2700 players. He never managed to get to the top of these tournaments, but with absolutely no money he managed to get a $6 bankroll, which he later used at cash games. His bankroll system says that you should never buy in to a game with more than 5% of your bankroll; he did that with the exception when that 5% was less than $1. And also at a cash game when he reached 10% of his bankroll he has to left the game and move on to higher limits. And after 1 year of experiments he finally managed to reach the $10k limit.

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